Our comprehensive support will lead your convention to a success.

We will assist your convention with Tottori’s cordial sincerity, to make it a fruitful, harmonious and heartfelt experience.
(Intended for convention/conference to be held in Tottori prefecture, with the assembly range of Chugoku region or larger.)

Grants to be provided for Convention/Conference

Number of participants
Academic conference Other conventions
Nationwide other Chugoku region or
Chugoku Shikoku region
Nationwide Chugoku region or
Chugoku Shikoku region
100 to 199 200,000 yen 100,000 yen 50,000 yen (100,000 yen) -
200 to 299 400,000 yen 200,000 yen 100,000 yen 200,000 yen 100,000 yen
300 to 399 600,000 yen 300,000 yen 150,000 yen 300,000 yen 150,000 yen
400 to 499 800,000 yen 400,000 yen 200,000 yen 400,000 yen 200,000 yen
500 to 999 1,000,000 yen 500,000 yen 250,000 yen 500,000 yen 250,000 yen
1,000 to 1,999 2,000,000 yen 1,000,000 yen 500,000 yen 1,000,000 yen 500,000 yen
2,000 or more 4,000,000 yen 2,000,000 yen 1,000,000 yen 2,000,000 yen 1,000,000 yen
  • "Other conventions" refers to a general convention/conference and a corporate convention (a nonprofit-oriented conference such as company-held training and incentive training).
    In case of "100 to 199 participants" for other conventions, only corporate convention is eligible for grants.
  • For international conferences, additional 5,000 yen per an participant from overseas will be provided (additional grant maximum: 1,000,000 yen).
  • Grants shall be available depending on other official grants, location of conference, accommodations and other conditions. Please contact Convention Bureau for details.


Convention Support

1.Welcome Signs, Bags, etc.

Welcome Signs, Bags, etc.

When a convention/conference is held, welcome signs, convention bags, sightseeing brochures, courtesy discount tickets for tourist attractions and cultural facilities.

2.Regional Information Corner

Regional Information Corner

During the convention/conference, a regional information corner will be prepared, that will provide you with information on sightseeing, dining, transportation and others.

3.Arrangements for convention Facilities and Accommodation

We are pleased to suggest facilities that are suitable for the scale and topic of your convention/conference, and necessary arrangements including accommodation shall be provided.

4.Sightseeing and Other Information

Information regarding local performing arts, other attractions, choices for commemorative items and places to visit after the convention/conference can be provided.

5.Reference to Convention Service Suppliers

Assistance for site set-up, printing, billboard production, transportation and other related businesses, along with official procedures arrangements and PR assistance, can be provided.

6.Inspection Visits

If you are considering Tottori prefecture for the convention/conference location, we will be your guide to the convention facilities, accommodation facilities, sightseeing and other locations at your request.


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