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Facilities in Central Region

Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin
Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai ChushinIn Kurayoshi Park Square of central Kurayoshi-city, located at the center of Tottori prefecture, large hall with 1,500 seats, small hall with 300 seats, open-spaced atrium of 1,700 m2 that allows your creative ideas to take shape, and seminar (conference) rooms of large and small sizes are available.
[ Address ] 212-5 Dakyouji-cho, Kurayoshi-shi
[ Tel ] +81-858-23-5390
[ URL ] http://www.miraichushin.jp/
[ Access ] 12 minutes by bus from JR Kurayoshi Station
[ Parking ] 800 (free)
Kurayoshi Park Square
Kurayoshi Park SquareIn Kurayoshi Park Square, a hall (capacity 150), 2 training rooms, library and other facilities are available.
[ Address ] 187-1 Dakyouji-cho, Kurayoshi-shi 682-0816
[ Tel ] 0858-47-1181
Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Athletic Hall
Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Athletic HallThis facility has a hall with the capacity of 5,000 (arena 2,000; tiered seats 3,000), 3 training rooms (large, medium and small), etc.
[ Address ] 529-2 Yamane, Kurayoshi-shi 682-0023
[ Tel ] +81-858-26-4441
[ Access ] 5-minute walk from Kurayoshi Station of JR San-in Honsen
[ Parking ] 250

Main Conference Facilities in Kurayoshi-City

Facility NameAddressTel
#(Area Code 858)
Hall NameCapacityNotes
Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Athletic HallKurayoshishi yamane26-4441Hall
Large Training Room
Medium Training Room
Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin
Kurayoshishi dakyoujichou 23-5390Large Hall
Small Hall
Seminar Room
Fixed seats
Movable seats
Kurayoshi park squareKurayoshishi dakyoujichou 47-1184Audio/Visual Hall15075 seats are movable
Houki Shiawase no SatoKurayoshishi oda26-5581Event Hall
Large Training Room
Fixed seats
Hotel St Palace KurayoshiKurayoshishi ageichou26-8888Kensington, Chelsea300Dividable
Kurayoshi City HotelKurayoshishi yamane26-6111Turu no ma300Dividable
Kurayoshi rojin fukushi centerKurayoshishi aoimachi22-5248Large Conference Room210 
The Kurayoshi Chamber of commerce and industryKurayoshishi meijimachi22-2191Large Hall
Conference Room 1
Kurayoshi City Youth Worker HomeKurayoshishi sumiyoshi23-4896Large Conference Room100 
294 Suehiro-cho, Yonago-shi, Tottori 683-0043
TEL +81-859-39-0777 FAX +81-859-39-0700